Today we begin (okay — re-begin)!  After years of contacting lovers of travel and worldwide experiences directly we throw the doors open to a website built to greet travelers — both those booked with us (present, past or future) as well as those doing some window-shopping or daydreaming about far flung places to nourish their inner wanderer.  Our loves here are fairly simple —  good travel, good food, good drink, photography, history & culture, personal wellness and good people — and we pursue them with passion. We would love the chance to share our version of some part of the world with you, and hope you’ll take a look at the tours we offer.

In the coming days and weeks, these posts will be filled with travel-centric offerings — everything from tips and fare announcements to musings and observations to occasional looks behind the scenes on how we do things at Muybridge (and why).  Oh, and a photo or two from me or a traveler of ours that you might find interesting.  For now though, just a short and simple, “Welcome!” and sincere thanks for stopping by.

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